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William MINK

1. William MINK was born in 1775 and died before 1845.
There is some confusion as to his wife's surname. Her given name was possibly Elizabeth. 
William disappears off the tax list of Ashe County North Carolina in 1845. He is not seen on the Grayson county tax list after 1845 either. He's not listed on the 1850 census and son Amos is living with Hiram Mink.

 William MINK had the following children:



Rufus Rogers MINK.



Calem MINK.



Thompson MINK.



John B. MINK.



Hiram MINK.



Harvey MINK was born in 1819 in Ashe County, North Carolina. He died on 9 Feb 1885.



Daniel MINK was born in 1821 in Ashe County, North Carolina.



James MINK.



Amos Wesley (William) MINK.


Records of William Mink.

First record of William Mink is found in 1812 in the 5th Regiment, Captain Gideon Lewis, Ashe County, North Carolina.

He is next found in Captain Weavers District in Ashe County, North Carolina tax list in 1815, 1817 and 1818.

William Minks is found on the census for Ashe County, North Carolina in 1820 with a household of five males under 10 (Hyrum b.1817, John b.1816, Thompson b.1815, Calvin b.1813, Rufus b.1811) and one male 16-26 (William born about 1794). There was one female 26-45.

William's wife has been the subject of much speculation. Descendants of Thompson Mink have only the initial EA as a clue to her identity.

He is listed again in 1830 Ashe County, NC with a family of two males under 5, three males 10 under 15 (Thompson b.1815, John b.1816 and Hyram b.1817), two males 15 under 20 (Rufus b.1811, Calvin b.1813) and one male 40 under 50 (William b. abt 1794). Female members are one 5 under 10, one 15 under 20 (Ann b.1812) and one 30 under 40 ( born abt. 1794).

William is last found in 1840 in Grayson County, Virginia in the township Mouth of the Wilson which is near the border of North Carolina. His sons Rufus and Calvin and John B are listed as heads of household on the same census.