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Glenn Gregory

157. Glenn GREGORY was born on 12 Oct 1936 in Lone Wolf, Kiowa, Oklahoma. He died on 7 May 2008 in San Diego, California.

Glenn GREGORY and Karen KIESOW had the following children:



Sherman Axel GREGORY.



John Alvin GREGORY.



Michael Kurt GREGORY.


Glenn Gregory

Glenn Gregory

Glenn lived a very interesting and colorful life and loved to tell stories about his adventures along the way. He could make me laugh until I begged for mercy. He worked on rebuilding antique cars all his life... his first being a '34 Ford that he started working on with our dad when he was in high school. At the time of his death he was finishing a '41 Ford pickup.

His career was in the aerospace industry and he sold the backpack (telemetry) for the first man on the moon. This telemetry was responsible for all of us hearing the transmission ... "small step for man, giant step for mankind." He retired from that career in his early 50s and successfully pursued various entrepreneurial enterprises the rest of his life.

He enjoyed competitive trap shooting and earned some "200 straight" pins. He invented a shock-absorbing gunstock and held several patents. He never liked or trusted lawyers, so he always did his own drawings and patent applications.... no easy task. His son, Michael, continues the very successful gun stock business and more can be learned about it on the website, Many of the top shooters in the world use his gun stock, including multiple olympic metal winning shooter, Kim Rhody.

He and his good friend, the great wide receiver Lance Alworth, built a mini warehouse together many years ago and he was still managing that at the time of his death.
by his sister Willa Gregory