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Descendants of John Gregory

This page is about John Gregory who was born in Virginia but witnessed the early history of the state of Missouri where he built a farm and raised a family in Lewis County, Missouri.

These generations of Gregory's lived in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, Colorado and Ohio.

The majority of the families listed here are descended from his son Alexander, although research is still in progress on the other children of John and Frances as well as Alexander.

Alexander Gregory was the fourth child of John Gregory and Frances Rush. He left Missouri and struck out on his own in the 1860's. The Civil War was going strong in that period and it's very probable that he served in that war, but we have no proof of it yet.

He later ended up in Texas, marrying a Texan bride, Sarah Smith. They had a ranch in Stephens County, Texas in 1880, but later moved to Oklahoma, probably in one of the great Oklahoma "land rushes".

The sons and daughter of Alexander Gregory were orphaned at an early age, were raised by different uncles and possibly at times at an orphanage. They were hard working farmers with families in Oklahoma's early state history. Life became very difficult in the 1930's between the depression and the Oklahoma dust bowl.

In order to feed their families they begin moving west, Marshall, Wade and Charlie went to western Oregon to work in sawmills and William moved to California. Frances stayed in Oklahoma. Through this they maintained close relationships their entire lives with each other.

What happened to Alexander and his wife is unknown. Some family stories have Alexander dying in a gunfight or killed by cattle rustlers, another story that they died in some kind of plague in Oklahoma.

Two DNA samples from this Gregory line are a 10/12 match to MACGREGOR sample 7783.

A 37 marker DNA test has also shown this Gregory family to be related to John M. Gregory, born 1785 in Loudon County Virginia, who married Sarah Wheatley in 1814. Many thanks to Candace Gregory for her efforts on this.

More on the history of John Gregory

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Lucille Gregory
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