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Family of George Washington Richison and Sarah Marade Barrow.

George Washington Richison

George Washington Richison was born in 1822. Most sources have him born in North Carolina or Kentucky. He probably grew up in the Appalachian Mountain area between North Carolina and Kentucky. George and Sarah were probably married in Missouri or Texas about 1846.

In 1850 they were in Missouri where they lived until the mid 1860's. They then moved to Arkansas where they lived until the 1870's. George and Sarah and some of the family then moved to the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).

On the 1850, 1860 and 1870 federal census the family is listed as Richardson. On everything since then the family name is listed as Richison. Because of accents and the similarity of Richison and Richardson these census discrepencies are found repeatedly with descendants of George and Sarah. Neither George nor Sarah could read or write according to their 1900 census, so this could have been from pronunciation errors or possibly George changed his name from Richardson to Richison.

There is now evidence from DNA testing by Mearl Richison and Jerry Richardson that George Richison was a Richardson, possibly a brother to a William Richardson born 1810 in North Carolina.

Other spelling variations found on George's descendants are Richeson Richerson and Ritcheson.

George and Sarah raised 10 children. They lived in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, the Indian Territory and Oklahoma and died after the turn of the century. George traded goods with the Choctaw Indians and was known to have been in their villages and knew of some of their tribal ways and healing medicines.

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