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Welcome to my Family History and Genealogy site. My mother, Lucille Flanery Gregory started her family history research, combining information and research from other family members in the early 1990's. After her death in 1995 I decided to continue her research and got bit by the "genealogy bug" and have continued to this day to research our family lines. More people than I could name here have also helped greatly in putting this family history together.

Most frequent Family names in research are:
 Flannery, Flanery, Gregory, Mink, Novak, Richison , Fiske and Fisk.

Gregory Family:
These Families descended from John Gregory of Missouri in the mid 1800's.
John Gregory was born in Virginia, his descendants of Gregory's lived in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, Colorado and Ohio.

tree Flanery, Flannery or O'Flannery Family
These Families descended from Dan Flannery of Tipperary County Ireland. This family belonged to the Munster Clan.   This family history site is of Daniel Flannery and his descendants.

B_tree.gif (236 bytes) Mink Family
These Mink Families descended from William and Elizabeth Mink.

B_tree.gif (236 bytes) Novak Family
These Families descended from Jan (John) Novak who emigrated from Bohemia (Czechoslovakia) in the 1800's.

B_tree.gif (236 bytes) Richison Family descended from George Washington Richison 1822-1905 (Click here for Photos)
George Washington Richison was born in 1822. Most sources have him born in North Carolina or Kentucky.

B_tree.gif (236 bytes) Descendants of Galen Bullen Fiske and his son Lewis Sherban Fiske, a Civil War Veteran.
This site includes Fisk surnames.
Galen Fiske was descended from Lord Symond FISKE, born about 1399 in Stadhaugh, Laxfield, Suffolk, England.

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